Your Record of Achievement

As a cadet you’ll have loads of opportunities to develop the kinds of skills, qualifications and personal qualities that can help you go further in life – whether that’s going to college or university or getting a job.

However, it can be difficult to explain to a university or college admissions tutor, or to an employer, what skills and personal qualities you’ve gained from your ACF training.

To tackle this problem we’ve developed the cadet ‘Record of Achievement’ (ROA).

If you’ve achieved one star or above in your Army Proficiency Certificate (APC) you can ask for a printed or downloadable ROA listing the key achievements, qualifications and personal qualities you have gained in your time with the ACF.

The ROA will give you useful material to help you develop your CV, write personal statements for college or university and prepare for interviews.

You’ll still need to do some work – to relate what you’ve done in cadets to the course or job you’re applying for, to add more detail and to think about how to answer interview questions – but the ROA will help to remind you about some of the great things you’ve achieved.

If you’ve got your ROA and you still don’t know where to start in developing a CV or personal statement you can find more information on our careers and useful links pages.

What you need to know about the ROA

  • The ROA is available to cadets who have achieved one star (or above) in their Army Proficiency Training (APC).
  • Ask your Detachment Commander to print or download a ROA for you, using the Westminster database.
  • You’ll normally get your ROA when you leave cadets but if you’re applying for college or university, for an apprenticeship, or for a job you can ask your Detachment Commander for your ROA. (As they’re busy people please don’t ask too often!)
  • All or your achievements and qualifications are available in a menu on Westminster. If you have a lot of qualifications you can choose up to 10 qualifications and 10 activities to include on the ROA.
  • Your ROA includes your APC training, BTEC and SQA qualifications, DofE Awards, Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) Awards, first aid and other qualifications.
  • Still in need of help? Have a look at our careers and useful links pages.