Music Training & Development

The Army Cadet Force music activity is structured, progressive and achievable. It offers a sensible approach to learning which also provides maximum opportunity for achievement. The syllabus has been devised to cater for all forms of instrumentation incorporated within a military band, corps of drums or bugle platoon.

There are four levels of achievement in total and these are linked directly to the Music Qualifications Board syllabus. However, there are strict guidelines regarding the Army Cadet Force star awards and music within the Army Cadet Force.

The Army Cadet Force offers two career paths up to 4 Star - the APC military syllabus and the APC music syllabus. All cadets must complete their 1 Star APC military proficiency before progressing through the APC music syllabus although this can be completed concurrently with the music training. Cadets also have the option of completing both the APC military and APC music proficiencies. Many cadets are achieving both awards. Cadets who do achieve both are normally of a very high calibre and highly motivated individuals.