Things to Do After Work

Things to Do After Work

4 July 2019

If you live alone or the people you live with tend to be busy after work, you might find that the evenings drag. Rather than being stuck in front of the television all evening, why not find productive things to do when you’re bored? From cooking, reading or going for a walk, there are plenty of after work activities that will make you feel great.

Switch off

There have been various studies that suggest using technology in the evenings results in a poorer quality of sleep. Therefore, it’s recommended to stay away from the TV, phones and computers at least an hour before going to sleep. This lets your mind switch off and means you can spend time looking after yourself, whether that’s having a bath, reading or writing in a journal.

See loved ones

It’s becoming normal to have ‘no time’. We work all day during the week, come home, make dinner and go to sleep. But there is always time if you switch around your priorities. Instead of heading home for your favourite TV programme, arrange to meet a friend or family member and spend time catching up. This doesn’t have to be an expensive venture - go for a walk or invite them round for dinner! We reckon you’ll have a lot more fun than spending the night alone with Netflix.

Get your oven gloves on

If you find it hard to get in a routine, most of your lunch and dinners may consist of ready meals or takeaways. Not only does this cost a lot, but it can negatively affect your health. When you get home after work, make an effort to cook a fresh dinner and lunch for the next day. We find that once you have a routine it becomes less of a chore, and you might even enjoy it! Quick weeknight meals also don’t have to be boring. Spice it up with new dishes and flavours and fall in love with your evenings (and diet) again.

Do life-admin

It sounds boring but being proactive after work gives you much more time to spare on your days off. The worst feeling is knowing the weekend ahead is going to be full of paying council tax, renewing your car insurance and spending hours in the supermarket. Try and get one task done every day so it doesn’t build up and ruin a day that you’re meant to be enjoying yourself on.


Get some well-earned endorphins after work! Head to the gym, tennis courts or park for a run and you will find that the evening flies by, and you’ll have given your body the workout it needed for a great sleep. It can be hard to find the time to exercise – try and choose a gym that’s close to home or your workplace and it will become a lot easier.

Go for a walk

If exercise really isn’t your thing, head out for a walk instead. Turn your headphones on and listen to your favourite music, podcast or book and watch the world go by. Walking is a fantastic way to improve your physical and mental health. Just 30-minutes of walking every day can increase your fitness levels, reduce excess body fat and boost endurance. It’s also a chance to explore where you live and find hidden gems you may not have come across before! You could always try one of our best walks in the UK.


One after work activity that will use any spare time wisely, is volunteering. Volunteering can be extremely fulfilling for you, and the cause that you’re helping. It’s an opportunity to connect with your community and contribute to something you care about. Whether you live in a city or out in the countryside, there is bound to be something to get involved in!

Move away from your obvious bubble

If you’re a builder, head to the theatre. If you’re a lawyer, head to the zoo. Whatever it is you do during the day, spend your evenings doing something completely different. Seeking fresh experiences and gaining inspiration in unexpected places can help build your character and make you more open-minded.

Learn something new

Putting yourself in new environments stimulates your brain, can help you build confidence and may introduce you to a passion you never knew you had. You could try a new sport, learn a new language or even try your hand at drama classes - the options are endless! Trying something new presents an opportunity to meet new people, break up your routine and grow as a person.

The Army Cadet Force is one of the largest voluntary youth organisations, with almost 39,000 cadets and 9000 adult volunteers at over 1600 locations across the UK. Our adult volunteers can be as involved as they want, with roles varying from administrators to officers. A range of qualifications are available for our volunteers to take, which can help them progress in their careers and day-to-day lives. If you’re interested in helping shape the lives of young people and finding a new way to spend your free time, find your nearest detachment and get in touch.