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The Benefits of Volunteering with Children

The Benefits of Volunteering with Children

10 May 2018

As well as transforming the lives of young people, there are many alternative benefits to volunteering with children. With busy schedules, it can be hard to find the time to volunteer but working with young people is hugely rewarding. You will also see a difference in your life too; find out why volunteering with children is so beneficial, to them and to you.

Make a real difference

Some people’s lives are transformed by those who are willing to give up a few hours of their time every week. Our adult volunteers are constantly teaching our cadets new skills. Whether it’s map-reading or a BTEC Diploma, they become role models for the children. A high 99.7% of our adult volunteers said that volunteering with us has improved their ability to help develop young people.

Strengthen their social skills, and yours.

Being a teenager can be tough, as during this time their self-confidence can be low. Building a relationship with a young person and allowing them to be themselves can be beneficial to their development. Additionally, interacting with different ages can be valuable to you, as it’s both mentally and physically stimulating. A total of 86.7% of our adult volunteers feel that their interpersonal skills have developed since joining the ACF.

Help them achieve the unachievable

Every child has a dream, some want to be astronauts and others film stars. Although we might not all be casting directors, we can help our cadets achieve things they may not have been able to do otherwise. Whether it’s the Duke of Edinburgh award or a certificate in Leadership and Management, we provide cadets with a personal Record of Achievement. This can create greater career prospects and help cadets to go further in whatever path they choose.

Expand your network & career prospects

Whilst working with young people you will meet tons of new people, some of whom will remain friends for life. The ACF is certainly no different. Many of our adult volunteers maintain a career outside of their volunteering and being a part of the ACF has helped them progress in their various careers. Interestingly, 84% of our volunteers feel that the Army Cadet Force has given them better job prospects and 86% said that their organisational skills have also improved.

Gain a sense of purpose

Transforming the lives of young people unquestionably also transforms the life of the person helping them. Voluntary work with children and teenagers has been proven to lift spirits, reduce stress and create a sense of purpose for our volunteers. Thousands of ACF adult volunteers will tell you that watching the cadets grow and progress, knowing that they’ve played a part in their development and achievements, is the most rewarding part of volunteering at the ACF.

If you’re thinking about working with young people and you want to make a difference, then discover more about the benefits of volunteering. We have over one thousand detachments all across the UK, so find your nearest detachment and find out how to get involved; you won’t regret it!