How to Make Life More Exciting

How to Make Life More Exciting

15 August 2019

It’s common for people to go through a stage in their life when they feel bored and restless. The same job and repetitive routine can bring feelings of unfulfillment. It’s easy to get stuck in a rut, but there are ways to switch it up to ensure you make the most of your time on this planet. Try new exciting activities, make changes to your routine and focus on creating the best life for you.

Read on to discover ten ways to make your life more interesting.

  1. Get a new hobby
    Hobbies are things that we enjoy doing in our spare time - it can be anything from crosswords to cross-fit! People have hobbies because they find them fun and doing them bring happiness to their lives. It’s a time where you can forget about reality, whether it’s work, relationship problems or any other issues. Hobbies allow you to break out of your comfort zone and focus on something you’re passionate about, which is great for confidence and self-esteem.
  2. Learn something new
    Similarly, attending classes or lessons to learn new things can be equally as fulfilling. Even though you may not be having as much fun as practicing a hobby, learning stimulates the mind and helps with progression. It could be taking part in a course that will benefit your career, taking a dance class you’ve always wanted to try or having language lessons so you can book that trip abroad. Learning something new can often bring you one step closer to a long-term goal you’ve been wanting to achieve.
  3. Make changes to your life
    In some circumstances, there may be one thing in particular that is making you unhappy. Is it your career, an unhealthy relationship or perhaps a problem with the house you live in? Whatever it is, plan to make changes to this area of your life, one step at a time. This may be easier said than done but if you break it down into small steps and take it day by day, your goal will seem a lot more achievable. Start putting a small amount of money into savings each month so you can move to a new house, finish a relationship you’re no longer happy in or enrol on a course to improve your CV.
  4. Travel
    Travelling is an eye-opening experience and a luxury that most of us are lucky enough to encounter. It can also be done on any budget - whether it’s jetting off to unexplored corners of the globe or finding a great deal to a different UK destination, exploring is extremely fulfilling. Meeting new people, trying different cuisines and experiencing different cultures is both rewarding and empowering. It is one way of becoming more interesting and creating memories that you’ll speak about and remember for the rest of your life.
  5. Meet new people
    Sometimes life can be unexciting because everything is so familiar and comfortable. As well as a job and routine, this can be down to the people in your life too. We aren’t saying you need to ditch your loved ones, but there is no harm in taking the initiative to make new friends. Have the confidence to strike conversation in the office or on the school-run, and you might make friends for life. Otherwise, head to the internet. There will be plenty of clubs and groups that you can get involved with that will be full of like-minded people.
  6. Socialise with the friends you do have
    Take control and organise events and activities with your family and friends. You could host a midweek dinner to spice up your weekly routine up – have a themed dinner evening, organise wine tasting or organise a games night! If you live far away from your social circle, ensure you have plenty of dates set in the diary so you can look forward to them. Additionally, take note of the previous point and make an effort to meet others too!
  7. Do something new every week
    Another way to jazz up your week is trying something new. Why not check out the comedy club in town or head to your local for the pub quiz (and a pint!)? If you’d rather not spend money, there are many things you can try at home or for free. Take a different route to work or use your Sunday to explore a new area in your region. Cook meals from different cultures or read a book genre you wouldn’t usually go for. Trying new things opens your mind and is great for progression.
  8. Get a pet
    Giving an animal a home adds excitement and responsibility to our lives. As well as enjoying the company of your new companion, it teaches you how to look after something. Keep in mind that you need to be prepared to adopt such responsibility. Having a pet means you will spend your time doing different things, like spending more time outside or building a relationship with your new furry friend in the house. It shakes up your routine and is also a great way to meet new people.
  9. Volunteer
    Spending some time volunteering is an excellent way to make your life more exciting. Not only will it open your mind, be fulfilling and allow you to get experience doing new things, it will help others. There are plenty of ways to volunteer as well as doing something you enjoy. Perhaps you love books? Volunteer at your local library. Perhaps you want to be more active and help young people? Volunteering with The Army Cadet Force is a fantastic option if you want to meet new people, gain qualifications and help aid the development of young people. Our adult volunteers come from all walks of life and get involved in a number of ways – you don’t have to be physically fit to volunteer with us.
  10. Don’t wait
    There are no positives to pushing things aside. Why wait when you can start changing your life now? Take charge of your life otherwise it will never be as thrilling as you want it to be. Read through the points above and make a priority list, which ones are the most relevant? Then think about how you can get started and set goals that you can follow. You won’t regret it – the only way is up from here!

If you’re interested in volunteering at The Army Cadets and making your life more interesting, find your nearest detachment and get in touch!