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8 Brilliant After-School Club Ideas that Give Life Skills

8 Brilliant After-School Club Ideas that Give Life Skills

21 January 2022

After-school clubs give a tremendous amount to young people. To start, they’re excellent social hubs, and some of the most long-lasting and important friendships a young person will make grow in after-school activities. They’re also fantastic for picking up new skills and abilities for later life. After-school clubs can equip young people for adult life for starting their own business, travelling the world – you name it. And naturally, as a bonus, they give parents an hour or two of relaxation time.

But which club is the right one? Coming up with after-school club ideas can be hard without any point of reference. Would a language class be the most beneficial, or something more physical? Would an artistic club help a young person to develop, or would something more disciplined be a better path?

To help you choose the best possible path, here are some brilliant after-school club ideas – some of which you may not have been aware of at all!

After-School Club Ideas


French, Spanish, German, Mandarin Chinese, Russian – you name it, and there are after-school clubs out there that teach it. Learning a language is super-stimulating for the brain and aids with memory skills. That said, it’s not exactly easy, and so it’s important to help young people see the value in their language clubs: they open doors all over the world. It might be in a couple of years’ time or in twenty, but should they ever wish to leave the country and have an adventure or two, they’ll find the world a lot more accommodating if they’re bilingual (or even trilingual, for that matter!)


It doesn’t matter whether it’s the guitar, piano, drums, double bass, the trumpet, the DJ decks, the trombone or the theremin: learning an instrument is good for the brain, good for hand-eye co-ordination, and good for the soul. While musical ability, for most of us, won’t be a huge factor in our careers, it is invaluable for mood regulation and as a creative outlet. Plus, busting out ‘Johnny B Goode’ on guitar always gets the party started.


Any kind of sporting activity is a fantastic idea for an after-school club. It might be more traditional after-school sports clubs, like rugby, tennis or football, or it could be something a little more out-there, such as dodgeball, parkour, or bouldering. Through team sports, a young person can learn loyalty, camaraderie, and leadership. Individual pursuits are equally as valuable, teaching skills such as independence, self-determination, bravery and resilience.

And, of course, fresh air does us all a world of good.

Board games

There are many young folks today who might turn their noses up at board games. After all, they struggle to compete with video games like Fortnite and Call of Duty for holding children’s attention. However, that’s precisely why board games are so valuable: they teach patience, strategy and calculated risk-taking. In the digital age, going back to basics with an after-school board games club can be a great way to unplug and unwind.


While we might not always relish it (though some of us certainly do), debating is a part of life. Learning how to get a point across succinctly, fairly, and persuasively is a skill that can take a young person to the highest heights over the course of their career. By joining an after-school debating club, a teenager can gain a powerful understanding of rhetoric and charisma.

It can also teach young people how to stay composed during disagreements, rather than resorting to insults or more juvenile methods of getting attention. That said, prepare to be verbally outmanoeuvred when it comes to suggesting they do the washing up next time.


Yes, it’s a bit of a more intimidating club title than ‘table tennis’. However, if the resources are available, learning to code really is invaluable for young people. In years to come, businesses will need more and more employees with coding abilities – and more people with coding abilities will be able to found businesses. There’s no time like the present to get started!


In the modern era, it’s all too easy to let our diets slip into unhealthy territory. There’s sugar and saturated fat in a terrifying number of foodstuffs, and it’s impacting the health of the whole country. One of the easiest ways to avoid this is to teach young people to cook for themselves at a young age, and to understand the importance of a varied and balanced diet. And what better way than after-school cooking classes?

Through cookery classes, young people can learn which herbs and spices combine to create delicious flavours, which food groups make up a balanced diet, and how to prepare impressive meals. It’s a life-skill that’s commonly lacking in young people, so helping your teenager develop a talent in this area can really give them a leg-up in later life.

Army Cadets

How about doing everything all at once? The Army Cadets is a true all-rounder when it comes to after-school activities. Young people joining the Army Cadets can expect to experience expeditions, climbing, caving, mountain biking, first aid classes, orienteering, and a variety of team sports. In addition, fieldcraft – learning the basics of camouflage, how to move across different terrain, and dealing with mock ambushes – is one of the most exciting and character-forming after-school activities a young person can get involved in.

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