Exercise Cadet Cambrian Patrol 2016

On a cold, wet and unpleasant April night in the Brecon Beacons, 27 ACF and CCF patrols from across the UK assembled at a Forward Operating Base (FOB) on Sennybridge training area for Exercise Cadet Cambrian Patrol 2016.

After being given their orders and issued with maps, rations, ammunition and a GPS tracking device, the cadet patrols settled down for the night to prepare for the Exercise.

However, the Cadet Cambrian Patrol aims to put cadets’ endurance to the test and at 02:30 artillery shells began landing nearby from the Royal Marines who were also on exercise in the area.

As well as stamina and endurance, the demanding Exercise across a 25km course of tough terrain on very little sleep, also tests cadets’ fieldcraft, navigation, teamwork and leadership skills.

Cadets are given tasks to complete throughout the Exercise which are set within the context of a particular narrative, this time it included a section attack to clear the enemy, as well as assisting local partisans along the route.

Cadets are observed and tested from start to finish and the scoring system is exactly the same as for the Regular Army’s international competition. Team and individual awards are given and this year the Best Senior Patrol Commander award went to Cadet CSM Reavill from Wiltshire ACF.

Exercise Cadet Cambrian Patrol tests areas across the whole of the cadet syllabus and is one of the most challenging exercises for cadets.

If you think your cadets would be up for the challenge in 2017, bids are now being invited from County HQs. Contact the Cadet Training Team Wales to submit your bids: 160X-HQ-OpsTrg-CTT-RSM@mod.uk

Successful bids will be notified in December 2016.

Well done to all cadets who took part in the Exercise. Click here for a full list of the results of the competition.