Emily Crisp

Winner of the ACFA Recognising Excellence Award (sponsored by BAE Systems) for Sport, Cadet Category

Emily from Yorkshire (North and West) ACF, was recommended for the Recognising Excellence award by the county commandant Col Malcolm Render, who nominated her for her outstanding commitment to sport.

"Cadet Sgt Emily Crisp is a truly outstanding young all-round sportsperson who has achieved remarkable success at County, Regional and National level in almost every ACF sports discipline. Her accomplishments cover Cross County, Athletics, Hockey Swimming and Tug of War, although not technically included as an ACF sport she is also the 2015 Regional and National Junior Girls Orienteering Champion.

Her numerous sporting achievements include the following:

Cross County – County Campion – Regional medal winner – NE Region team at Nationals.

Athletics – County and Regional Discus, Javelin Champion, Victor Ludorum winner, National runner up Discus, Javelin and Relay.

Hockey - 2014-2015 Member of County and Regional team which were runners up at the Nationals, 2016 Captain of County team which won the Regionals and were again runners up at the Nationals.

Swimming- County Girls Champion, Regional competitor.

Tug Of War – Member of the winning County team on two occasions.

Despite her astonishing range of athletic prowess she remains an extremely modest and unassuming young lady, a dedicated group member with tremendous team spirit who always puts others before herself. During this year’s National Cross Country event at Warcop when a fellow team runner was tripped and injured Sgt Crisp immediately dropped out of the leading group to assist, finishing in 7th place after resuming her race. This unselfish act epitomises Sgt Crisp’s sporting character, she effectively gave away any chance she had of winning or earning a medal to help her team mate.

Although a very talented young sportswomen with a fierce determination to succeed, she is first and foremost a caring and supporting team member who will always put the values of sportsmanship before personal glory. Her performances and attitude have done much to further the interests of sport in both the County and NE Region, a true ambassador who inspires others to love sport for the joy it can give without winning. "