Summer Expedition for E Company Cadet

23 October 2017

At the end of July two lucky army cadets from E Company (The Rifles) Yorkshire North & West ACF took part in separate summer expeditions organised by the Cadet Centre for Adventurous Training (CCAT).

Cadet Serjeant (Sjt) Jack Goode from Batley detachment travelled to Bavaria along with a group of cadets from all over the Country to experience a week of exciting and challenging activities. He began the week mountain biking through the Bavarian mountains which he said was a “fun and thrilling experience”.   He then sampled climbing the cliffs of Austria, learning how to be an independent climber.   The most enjoyable activity he said was canyoning which involved following the river down its waterfalls through jumping, sliding and abseiling all in the hot sun. Other activities included trekking across the mountains of Austria climbing to high altitudes.  The final activity involved canoeing in the glacier fed rivers of Austria where the cadets had to use their own initiative to independently navigate the cool and rapid waters. Cadet Sjt Goode said it was an amazing experience that he would highly recommend to any cadet looking for an adventure and make new friends.

Meanwhile Cadet Sjt Jak Lomas from South Elmsall detachment travelled to Capel-Curig in Wales for a week taking part in a Summer Mountain Foundation course.  The course also involved cadets from all over the Country. The aim of the course was to provide a basic understanding of all aspects of mountaineering from navigation and countryside codes to learning about the correct equipment and understanding how mountains are formed. During the week, Cadet Sjt Lomas took part in a 36-hour expedition and a wild camp where he had to put all the skills he had learnt and developed over the week into action. He camped at an altitude around 750 metres and looked down on to the Menai strait, here the cadets used their camp craft skills to create a camp site and collect water from natural sources to be used for cooking and washing etc. All things that you would not do on a normal cadet expedition and useful skills for the future. Cadet Sjt Lomas said the whole experience was both interesting and educational and he would recommend it to anyone who is willing to do something they wouldn’t normally do.

Cadet Force Adult Volunteer Sjt Mary Hood who helped organize these adventures said “The CCAT offers some great experiences for cadets throughout the year. It is a brilliant facility and I would like to thank them for giving our cadets a fantastic summer”. 

Photo: Cadet Serjeant Jak Lomas

Report by Mary Hood, Yorkshire N&W ACF