Wiltshire Army Cadets achieve BTEC success

3 April 2018

Army Cadets from across Wiltshire have successfully gained BTEC qualifications that recognise their enthusiasm and achievement in the Army Cadet Force. Two cadets have been awarded a Level 2 diploma in teamwork and personal development with 40 cadets achieving a Level 1 in Teamwork, Personal Skills and Citizenship in a Youth Organisation, with cadets from 16 different detachments across the county receiving a BTEC certificate.

Lieutenant Bev Cubbon, Vocational Qualifications Officer for Wiltshire ACF said: “All the cadets have worked hard to achieve these qualifications and should be very proud. Congratulations to them all.”

BTEC is a key part of the Army Cadet experience, with many cadets going on to gain these nationally recognised qualifications. By gaining BTEC qualifications, cadets are able to demonstrate their skills and abilities in a way that is well understood by future employers, as well as recognising the personal development each cadet undergoes while in the Army Cadets. If you are interested in gaining BTEC qualifications in the ACF, speak to our team of volunteers at your local detachment who will be able to tell you more.


The full list of successful Wiltshire Army Cadets is:

BTEC Level 2 diploma in Teamwork and Personal Development

Colerne Detachment

Cadet Sarah Cull


Trowbridge Detachment

Cadet Corporal Courtney Stanton


BTEC Level 1 in Teamwork, Personal Skills and Citizenship in a Youth Organisation

Buford Detachment

Cadet Annabelle Purves


Calne Detachment

Cadet Steven Bailey

Cadet Lucas Church

Cadet Lance Corporal Ewan Hendry

Cadet Emily Smith

Cadet Emily Sweetland


Church Place Detachment

Cadet Lance Corporal Aimee Cullingford

Cadet Lance Corporal Jack Dawson

Cadet Lance Corporal Emma Hitt

Cadet Nikita Ihrig

Cadet Harley-Jack Moon

Cadet Chloe Townsend

Cadet Lance Corporal Ciaran White


Corsham Detachment

Cadet Abbie Drake

Cadet Reece Gardner

Cadet Lance Corporal Thomas Sharpe

Cadet Lance Corporal Scott Wilkie


Devizes Detachment

Cadet Lance Corporal Alexander Wiltshire 


Dorcan Detachment

Cadet Robert Price


Larkhill Detachment 

Cadet Lance Corporal Christian Beecher

Cadet Lance Corporal Georgina Cuthbert-Chattaway

Cadet Daniel Latham

Cadet Lance Corporal Hope Mawdsley

Cadet Jack Parry


Marlborough Detachment

Cadet Jack Harris

Cadet Lance Corporal Natalie Mackenzie 


Old Sarum Detachment

Cadet Thomas Trevett


Royal Wootton Bassett Detachment

Cadet Oliver Edmondson


Sarum Academy Detachment 

Cadet Ryan Devine

Cadet Lance Corporal Eleanor Williams


Swindon Academy Detachment

Cadet Stephen Burry

Cadet Joseph Smith 


Tidworth Detachment

Cadet Lance Corporal Brandon Clough


Trowbridge Detachment

Cadet Damian Elkins

Cadet Luca Micheli

Cadet Kieran Velvick


Warminster Detachment

Cadet Lance Corporal Ella Broad


Westbury Detachment

Cadet Kristian Allen

Cadet Marcus Ball

Cadet Tyler Ball