We hope that everyone who joins the ACF or comes into contact with us will have a positive experience. However, it is inevitable that on a few occasions, concerns may arise that require investigation. See further information on the ACF's complaints process.

As most ACF activities take place locally at our detachments many concerns can be dealt with quickly and courteously in an informal way by local Cadet Force Adult Volunteers (CFAVs). However, if you have a complaint or concern that requires a more formal investigation and response we ask that you follow the three stage process below.

How do I make a complaint?

In dealing with concerns and complaints we aim to provide a fair and open process.

Stage 1: If you wish to complain about a matter within a local detachment please talk to the detachment commander. He/she is in charge of ACF activities within the detachment and will listen to your complaint and do their best to answer your concerns.

Stage 2: If you feel you do not want to discuss the matter with the detachment commander, or if they cannot deal with your concerns, or if your query is more serious, then you should contact the Cadet Commandant or CEO at your ACF county HQ (the ACF has 57 regional ‘county’ HQs responsible for managing the detachments in their region).

The Commandant’s contact details are available from the detachment commander.

Contact the Cadet Executive Officer using the details below:

Telephone: 01380-724114


Headquarters Wiltshire Army Cadets
Le Marchant Barracks
Franklyn Road
SN10 2FE

Stage 3: If, after receiving a response to your complaint from the Cadet Commandant, you are concerned that it was not handled appropriately, or still consider that you have not had a satisfactory answer, you can forward your complaint to the Deputy Chief Executive of the Reserve Forces’ and Cadets’ Association (RFCA) responsible for managing your ACF county HQ.

There are 13 RFCAs in the UK - to find the relevant one see the list of RFCAs.