The Company

D (Gallipoli) Company comprises the six detachments in the south east of Wiltshire: Bulford, Downton, Larkhill, Old Sarum, Sarum Academy and Tidworth.

Downton, Old Sarum and Tidworth Detachments are cap-badged to The Rifles whose historic regiments include the Wiltshire Regiment. Bulford Detachment wears the cap badge of the Royal Signals who have an historic link to the garrison. Larkhill and Sarum Academy Detachments are cap-badged to the Royal Artillery, whose headquarters are located in Larkhill.

Our Detachments:

Bulford Detachment - parades Mondays

Downton Detachment – parades Mondays

Larkhill Detachment - parades Mondays

Old Sarum Detachment - parades Thursdays

Sarum Academy Detachment - parades Wednesdays

Tidworth Detachment - parades Mondays

The history of the Company name

The company gets its name from a WW1 Wiltshire Regiment Battle Honour. Gallipoli was one of the most famous battles of WW1 outside of northern Europe, involving troops from across the then British Empire.