The Company

C (Arakan) Company comprises the six detachments in the south west of Wiltshire: Lavington, Melksham, Tisbury, Trowbridge, Warminster and Westbury.

Melksham, Tisbury, Trowbridge and Warminster Detachments are cap badged to The Rifles whose historic regiments include the Wiltshire Regiment. Lavington Detachment is cap-badged Royal Artillery, the headquarters of which are located on Salisbury Plain. Westbury Detachment is capbadged to the Royal Tank Regiment who are based in Wiltshire.

Our Detachments:

Lavington Detachment - parades Wednesdays

Melskham Detachment - parades Tuesdays

Tisbury Detachment - parades Tuesdays

Trowbridge Detachment - parades Tuesdays

Warminster Detachment - parades Mondays and Wednesdays

Westbury Detachment - parades Mondays and Thursdays

The history of the Company name

The company gets its name from a WW2 Wiltshire Regiment Battle Honour. The Arakan Campaign of 1942–1943 was the first tentative Allied attack into Burma, following the Japanese conquest of Burma earlier in 1942. The British Army and British Indian Army were not ready for offensive actions in the difficult terrain they encountered, nor had the civil government, industry and transport infrastructure of Eastern India been organised to support the Army on the frontier with Burma. Japanese defenders occupying well-prepared positions repeatedly repulsed the British and Indian forces, who were then forced to retreat when the Japanese received reinforcements and counter-attacked.