The Company

B (Anzio) Company comprises the six detachments in the centre of Wiltshire: Abbeyfield School (Chippenham), Calne, Colerne, Corsham, Devizes and Marlborough.

All Detachments in B Company are cap-badged to The Rifles whose historic regiments include the Wiltshire Regiment.

Our Detachments:

Abbeyfield School (Chippenham) Detachment - parades Wednesdays

Calne Detachment – parades Mondays

Colerne Detachment - parades Wednesdays

Corsham Detachment - parades Thursdays

Devizes Detachment - parades Mondays

Marlborough Detachment - parades Mondays and Thursdays

The history of the Company name

The company gets its name from a WW2 Wiltshire Regiment Battle Honour. From March until late May 1944, the regiment fought in the Battle of Anzio, enduring terrible conditions and fighting in trench warfare, similar to that on Western Front nearly 30 years before. They later fought in the breakout from the Anzio beachhead, Operation Diadem and the subsequent capture of Rome.