The Company

A (Ferozeshah) Company comprises the five detachments in the north of Wiltshire: Abbey Park School, Church Place, Dorcan, Royal Wootton Bassett and Swindon Academy.

Church Place, Isambard Community School and Royal Wootton Bassett Detachments are cap-badged to The Rifles whose historic regiments include the Wiltshire Regiment. Swindon Academy Detachment wear the cap badge of the Royal Yeomanry, and Dorkan Detachment wear the Royal Wessex Yeomanry cap badge, both units who have an historic links to the town.

Our Detachments:

Church Place Detachment - parades Mondays and Thursdays

Dorcan Detachment – parades Wednesdays

Isambard Community School Detachment - parades Mondays

Royal Wootton Bassett Detachment - parades Mondays

Swindon Academy Detachment - parades Wednesdays

The history of the Company name

The company gets its name from a 62nd (Wiltshire) Regiment of Foot Battle Honour from the First Sikh War. While in India, the 62nd became part of General Sir Gough's army during the First Sikh War. During the war, although it lost its colours twice to various mishaps, the regiment would earn its proudest honour at the Battle of Ferozeshah. In tribute to the service of its sergeants, who commanded the regiment when virtually all the officers were killed or incapacitated, the regiment would celebrate every 21 December as Ferozeshah Day.