Cadets Take on the Military Challenge!

4 October 2017

Army Cadets from across the county spent the weekend at Nesscliffe, taking part in the Brigade Military Skills and March and Shoot Competitions - an annual event where local cadet units compete to test their skills, try new things and challenge themselves in cadet activities with their friends and team mates.

Prepared and trained by their adult county staff, the cadets spent the day making their way around a variety of stands set up to test them in their Military Knowledge, Field Craft and First Aid and also to test their physical fitness, marksmanship principles, teamwork and leadership

Some of the teams were made up of cadets who had never competed in cadet competition before. Their enthusiasm and energy made up for their lack of experience and every cadet involved gave it their all. 

"These guys were up against cadets who were - in some cases - about 2ft taller and quite senior in age/ strength . Our cadets showed team spirit and courage" commented Ian Wainwright on the County Facebook page.

For our adult volunteers, the best part of these competitions is seeing everyone work together to get the team through the challenge.  Well done to everyone involved!