An amazing opportunity to take part in Ex Oak Leaf the annual exchange trip to Canada.

Dates: 5 Jul – 18 Aug 19
Selection event is on Saturday 19 Jan 19.

Eligibility. Cadets who wish to take part in the exchange must meet the eligibility criteria for the course for which they are applying. See below for main eligibility. Further in formation is available from the unit commander.

  • Leadership and Challenge Course (LC) (Rocky Mountain) is designed for cadets 15 years or older who are 4 star complete
  • Expedition Instructor Course (EI) (Whitehorse and Argonaut) is aimed at cadets aged 14 - 16 who are 2* complete
  • Fitness and Sport Instructor Course (FSI) (Argonaut) is aimed at cadets aged 15-16 years who are 2 star complete

Personal Financial Contribution. Cadets hoping to participate in the exchange programme must be prepared to:

  • Provide a £150 refundable deposit cheque at selection to cover the cost of adjustments to air tickets should any cadet withdraw or be sent home. This will not be drawn against unless a cadet pulls out last minute and the name needs to be changed on the flight manifest or is RTU’d for a disciplinary reason.
  • Purchase their own ACFA travel insurance for the exchange, which will cost in the region of £68 per cadet
  • Cadets will also need at least £400 pocket money. All living and travel costs in Canada are paid by the RCAC.

School Leave of Absence Letter. The Cadet Exchange is synchronised with the RCAC summer camp season. Unfortunately, it falls during part of the UK Summer term time for most schools. HQ RC appreciate that this will mean many Headteachers may be reluctant to allow pupils to miss the final two weeks of the term.

A letter for Schools and Headteachers from DComd Cadets will be sent out in due course to be used by any cadet unit to send in to their local school. The letter will outline the benefits to cadets of experiencing this exchange and request that if a cadet successfully passes the national selection they be granted a leave of absence to participate in the Exchange Program.

Spaces available. Across 11 Inf Bde and HQ South East

  • 5 per course
  • 21 total (11Inf X have one additional place each to be used for any course)

Application form. This is below and once complete is to be returned to the Detachment Commander by the 19 Dec 18.