Yet another very successful weekend for D Company!

29 April 2019

Over the weekend they have run a BTS cadre for the newest cadets, training them and testing them on all subjects within the APC syllabus.

They have also had both 1 and 2 star cadets completing their expedition and navigation training and testing.

They are please with the level of cadets that have passed some or all of the subjects at their required level and have now moved up to the next star level.

As well as this we would like to congratulate the following cadets on their promotions.

From Cadet to LCpl / L/Bdr:

LCpl Phillips (No.12 Hove)

LBdr Hutcheson (No.21 Newhaven)

From LCpl to Cpl / Bdr:

Cpl Isaac (No.12 Hove)

Cpl Haywood (No.13 Shoreham)

Bdr McIntyre (No.21 Newhaven)

From Cpl to Sgt:

Sgt Imbimbo

This camp we say goodbye to one of the senior cadets Sgt Panton of No.15 Brighton who has been with us for just over 5 years. He will be greatly missed by all.