This weekend was certainly a busy one for us,

07 - 09 December 2018

9 December 2018

This weekend was certainly a busy one for us, we held a range day for the Intermediate Induction Course (IIC) to enable them to shoot the Cadet GP 5.56mm on a 25m range, some of which were first timers and some experienced,

The adult training team, training adults instructors and new potential instructors were treated to a Christmas dinner prepared by some of our chefs and WOW, didn’t they treat us!

The Signals Platoon were also holding their selection weekend, where they had approximately 130 Cadet all looking for a place on the 2019 Cadet Signals Course.

This selection process involved training and testing on some of the basic signals syllabus and a fitness test involving the Obstacle Course.

There were some great results and Detachment commanders should be getting them shortly.

There were also two adults that have re-qualified to be Signals Instructors.

Good Luck and well done to all that attended.