SUSSEX VIRTUAL TREK...Total miles Trekked 2863.5, but...

only 7680.3 miles left

11 August 2020

Week 1 update

Total miles Trekked 2863.5 miles only 7680.3 miles left. We are on target to make Singapore fantastic effort from only 60 plus athletes hitting the roads.

Some amazing efforts that need a mention.

Top Cadets

1. Cadet Kye White - Hastings. 52 miles last week and over 2819ft climbed. Keep up this enormous effort. 100 club here you come.
2. SSgt Bates - No 15 BRIGHTON. Longest ride at 87.4 miles and the first cadet to join the elite 100 Club. Kudos to this athlete
3. CSM Griffiths - Horsham. Topping the charts this week so far with 88miles in 2 days. Also making it into the 100 Club. Kudos to this awesome athlete

Top instructors

1. Sgt Blatcher - Top running/walking miles last week over 50 miles on her feet. Awesome effort.
2. CSM Tarrant - went on the longest activity last week. For a staggering 10 hours of the evening this heat. Well worked SMI another inspirational instructor.
3. Major Watson - Most climbing last week. Hiking up some hills hitting a massive 2160ft. Fabulous efforts from A Coy OC.

Special mentions to our two members of the RAMC who between them racked up 171 miles so far. Walking around the hospitals for work and exercising.

Our very our Commandant has been out walking his Elephant and has also clocked up 36.2 miles. Sir will be leaving his elephant at home this week to clock up more miles as they are too slow.

Yesterday we made to Crete our 3rd checkpoint so we are on track. We are now headed over to Iraq. Track our progress by the link below.…/sussex-acf-virtual-trek-…

We have now raised over £300 which is great.

Our Top fundraisers so far are

1. LT Shaw
2. Major Tebay
3. Sgt Blatcher.

This is only from the just giving page so sponsorship forms have not been collected yet.

Please continue to share and get your sponsorship to be donated through just giving. Make sure your sponsor leaves your name so we know who is sponsoring you.

We need to keep pushing and everyone needs to get walking. We have another 700 odd members of Sussex ACF so let’s get moving and sending me your miles.