27 June 2017

CROWBOROUGH: by SSI Ben Centa (Worthing ACF Det) - On the 16-18th June Sussex ACF hosted the inaugural Sussex Inter Cadet Skills Competition which was held at Crowborough Training Camp.  The competition brought together all cadet forces in Sussex ACF, ATC, SCC and Royal Marine Cadets to compete against each other in many different events.  Each service entered 3 teams of 6 cadets complying with a set of rules on the eligibility of the cadets attending including age and ability.  The weekend competition comprised of 8 different tasks on the Saturday including Command Tasks, Obstacle Course, Observation Post, Cam & Concealment, Physical Test, First-Aid Scenario and a Watermanship Challenge.  The tasks where split between Pippingford Park training are and the main Crowborough Army Camp, with each service being allocated specific tasks to run.  Each task was designed to test the cadet’s skills of Leadership, Teamwork, Endurance and Perseverance.  On the Saturday evening, all the teams partook in an orienteering event on 74 Acre Wood to test their map reading skills in a timed event.  The following morning all the cadet teams participated in a March & Shoot competition comprising of a route around 74 Acre Wood followed by a 10-round grouping shoot using the Scorpion Air Rifle.  All the cadets worked very hard throughout the weekend and despite the hot weather gave every task 100% effort.  Scores from each event were added up including the grouping score from the March & Shoot and this was used to ascertain the winners of the competition, awards for the top 3 teams were presented at the final parade by the Lord Lieutenant. 

1st Place – ACF (No.18, No.7, No.17), 2nd Place – Royal Marine Cadets, 3rd Place – ACF (No.9)

Colonel Steele Sussex ACF Commandant commented, “The very first ever Sussex Inter Cadet Competition was held at Crowborough Camp over the weekend 16 - 18 June 2017. Three teams each from the ACF / ATC and SCC took part in a number of different skills and activities, over what was an extremely challenging, and very hot weekend. Competition was intense between the teams, with B Company representing Sussex ACF performing really well, by not only successfully winning the competition overall, but also with teams extremely well placed at third and seventh. A fantastic performance, especially well-done B Company but well done to every other cadet that attended!”.

A successful competition that will no doubt become a regular event.