Signals Platoon take the lead on Exercise Rolling Thunder.

31 March 2019

This weekend Sussex ACF were awarded Best Team at Exercise Rolling Thunder, a national Communications & Information Systems competition held at Blandford, the home of Royal Signals.

Over the weekend the team of 5 cadets from across the County, all of whom are part of the Signals Platoon, competed in challenging stands to showcase their skills in line and cable communications, voice procedure, communication and team work, mast & antennas and sending data using the new Mercury radio system. This is the first time that Sussex ACF has won the competition, and we are now the National Champions for 2019!

The team were also part of the first CyberFirst Adventurers course, a new initiative to help get Cadets and Adult Volunteers involved in Cyber Security. The course explored the future of technology before practical sessions on cryptography, open source intelligence, data analytics and programming. There are lots more of these courses coming up, so those interested should contact our Regimental Signals Officer for more information.

Congratulations to our team, and they have set the bar incredibly high for next year’s competition. Well done Sussex ACF Signals Platoon!