Return to Training Update

Please see the message from the Commandant below about our return to training in December.

2 December 2020

To All Parents / Guardian’s / Carers,

I am delighted to advise you all that every Cadet Detachment across Sussex ACF are allowed to Parade for ‘Face to Face’ Training at the first Detachment parade from the 02 December 2020, unless otherwise advised due to updated Regional Command or National Youth Agency Advice.

All tiers in England will be able to continue face to face training activity indoors and outdoors, under Local Commanders – youth activity is allowed across all three tiers. The only exception being STAFF CADETS as they are aged over 18.

There is a legislation change that means the exemption to restrictions is for under 18 youth activity in England only. This will impact upon Sussex ACF as we have Staff Cadets who will not be able to participate unless they are acting as instructors or leaders. Therefore Staff Cadets may take part in activities that CFAVs are taking part in – or where they are acting as supervisors / instructors at Detachments / Training Days but can’t carry on with their own 4* / Master Cadet training as a student, for example until otherwise advised.

Can I please also you to remind your children of the following COVID-19 rules that apply to everyone within Sussex ACF;

ALL Cadets / CFAV’s are to ensure that the mantra of ‘HANDS, FACE and SPACE’ guidelines are adhered to at all times and are to include;

Group Sizes and ‘Bubbles’

Following completion of an action plan and risk assessment individuals may gather indoors or outdoors, provided there are no more than 15 Cadets per ‘Bubble’ + CFAV’s.

Where possible, the APC Training Star Level ‘Bubble’ should be smaller. It may be possible for multiple ‘Bubbles’ to convene in your Detachment, provided that they do not meet and are kept apart at all times during a Parade Evening, and that all the practices stated below are implemented. To ensure that participants remain safe, strict adherence to the following measures is required:

  • Detachment Commanders should divide Cadets into APC Star Training Level ‘Bubbles’, with a maximum of 15 young people per ‘Bubble’.
  • Cadets should be placed in Star Level appropriate bubbles.
  • Upon arrival/departure, different times for each APC Star Level ‘Bubble’, participants should wash their hands or use hand sanitiser.
  • Should any member of a ‘Bubble’ become unwell, all members should contact NHS Track and Trace. If advised that they have tested positive all members of the Detachmebt (including CFAV’s and Visitors) are to be suspended from attendance and requested to self-isolate for 14 days.
  • Social Distancing of 2 m is to be maintained during all activities.
  • Due to the numbers of Cadets and the maximum permitted under COVID-19 Rules, it might be that you only parade certain ‘Bubbles’ of Cadets on specific parade evenings which may mean that Cadets might only parade once a week or once every three parade evenings or more for larger Detachments.

Face Coverings / Face Shields

In England, face coverings are now required by law to be worn in shops, supermarkets, indoor transport hubs, indoor shopping centres, banks, building societies, post offices, on public transport and importantly community centres (Cadet Detachments). The law now requires all those over 11yrs to wear a face covering unless with good reason when attending youth sector activities.

Residential Training

A reminder that there is to be NO Residential Training until April 2021 at the earliest.

We are very much looking forward to seeing all of the Cadets at their Detachment prior to Christmas.

Colonel D Steele


Sussex ACF