Parade at Royal Hospital, Chelsea

4 June 2019

Today cadets and CFAVs from across ‘D (Cassino) Company’ attended The Royal Hospital Chelsea for The Governor’s Review.

This is a parade that is the final rehearsal for Founder’s Day, which is an annual event held by The Royal Hospital, Chelsea to commemorate its founding by King Charles II.

It was a great honour for cadets and adults alike to be the first, to be invited to this parade.

After the parade they were treated to a tour of the grounds, visiting the ‘old’ living quarters and learning about the newly renovated accommodation, before making their way to the Chapel. During this tour the cadets had the chance to speak to one of the Chelsea Pensioners, WO2 Pete and the Governor himself General Sir Adrian Bradshaw KCB OBE.

After the visit to The Royal Hospital Chelsea, the cadets were treated to a visit to a military base where they were shown some of the current issued kit to our forces.

SI Sharples