KitKar Display Team - Brighton's Blind Veterans UK & Crawley AFD

30 June 2019

The KitKar Display teams had a great Armed Forces Weekend, our first show was at Crawley AFD with the C & D Company teams winning one each.

C Coy 04:20 & 03:48

D Coy 04:15 & 03:58

Then we went on to Brighton's Blind Veterans UK AFD with the A Coy, D Coy and RAF Cadet Teams.

There were 4 rounds,

Round One A Coy (3:59) vs RAF Cadets (4:45)

Round Two A Coy (4:35) vs D Coy (5:33)

Round Three D Coy (3:48) vs RAF Cadets (5:00)

Which meant the two fasted teams A and D Coy went in to the final.

Round Four A Coy (3.21) & D Coy (3:42)

Making the winners of the Blind Veterans UK KitKar Challenge A Company.

After this weekend there are two companies with the same fastest times of 3:21.

This event has event seen the return of the Blue Jeep now named the EMR Jeep this has been out of action since before 2015 its great to have all 3 Jeeps inaction and available for displays.

(All times are including penalties)