Cdt SSgt Quigley Leaves No.21 (Newhaven) - D (Cassino) Company

4 June 2019

This evening No.21 Newhaven, D (Cassino) Company & Sussex ACF say goodbye to Cdt SSgt Quigley.

Over his 5 year career not only did he make it to be a senior NCO within the company he also achieved the highest star level available, Master Cadet.

Due to his hard work, sense of humour and determination he has been an inspiration to the junior cadets not just at his detachment but also across the Company and County!

Tonight he was presented a certificate of service by SI Brighton on behalf of the our Commanding Officer Major Scrase.
He was also presented with a trophy by SMI Quigley on behalf of the cadets and adults of No.21 Newhaven.

We wish you the very best of luck in your future ventures.