Cadet Apprenticeship Training Agency (CATA) - Sussex Briefing and Presentation Evening

Mon Nov 26, 2018 (7:30pm)

1. General. Sussex ACF will be hosting a Briefing and Presentation Evening by the
National Cadet Apprenticeship Training Agency (CATA), to inform Cadets (Year 10 and
above), their Parents / Guardians, and CFAV’s with regards to different apprenticeship routes,
the role of CATA and the employability skills that Cadets obtain whilst they are members of
the Cadet Forces.

2. Information. This Presentation Evening will be held in the Drill Hall at Quebec
Barracks, 198, Dyke Road, BRIGHTON, East Sussex BN1 5AS, commencing at 19:30 on
Monday 26 Nov 2018. The Presentation Evening will be finished by 21:30 latest on the
evening of Monday 26 Nov 2018.

3. Aim. The aim of this Briefing and Presentation Evening is for CATA to inform and
make Cadets, their Parents / Guardians and interested CFAV’s aware, with regards to the
opportunities that CATA provide, and how by participating in an Apprenticeship could have an
extremely positive career opportunity for the Cadets. Also to explain the existing employability
sills that Cadets have gained by being members of the Cadet Forces.

4. Objectives. The objectives of the CATA Briefing and Presentation Evening for
Cadets, their Parents / Guardians and CFAV’s are:-
a. To advise about how CATA operates.
b. To provide an overview with regards to different types of
Apprenticeship, and method of entry to the Apprenticeships.
c. To promote the employability skills Cadets and CFAV’s have.
d. To explain how to Register with CATA, if not already registered.
e. Presentation from an existing CFAV Apprentice.
f. The way forward for Cadets, their Parents / Guardians and CFAV’s.