Who's Who

Meet the Team


    Role: County Commandant

    'Colonel David Steele has a big job with overall responsibility for the running of Sussex ACF. The County Commandant is a volunteer who is appointed by the Army Board, recommended by both the Reserve Forces and Cadets Association (RFCA) plus the Lord Lieutenant. Col Steele usually parades on a Monday evening at County HQ in Brighton where he has an office. Once a month he holds a 'conference' for the County HQ staff that report directly to him, but he is often 'on call' to his staff team at all times of the day and night. He also visits Cadets and CFAV's at Detachments and Weekend Training Camps. The role is usually a maximum of a five year appointment held by an experienced Officer'


    Role: Deputy Commandant

    Lt Colonel Morris is an ACF volunteer who supports the commandant in the running of Sussex ACF. Tasked with specific areas of responsibility, he has a variety of volunteer staff who report directly to him to ensure that particular areas of training and administration are delivered. His role also requires him to deputise for the Commandant when absent or unavailable. Lt Col Morris parades weekly at HQ on a Monday night, but like most ACF officers, is available by telephone and on email at all times for his staff should they need to discuss anything. With a number of years experience in the ACF and having undertaken most roles, he has a good understanding of the demands and the needs of our adults and cadets.


    Role: Cadet Executive Officer (CEO)

    Major Peter Kelly is a full-time employee of the South East RFCA (SERFCA) His is a vitally important role, supporting the Commandant as his principle Staff Officer, and administering the County on behalf of SERFCA. He has responsibility for child protection and security issues, and is also the direct line manager for the other full time SERFCA staff that work at HQ. The CEO is the first port of call in the event of any serious problems or concerns relating to our cadets.


    Role: Admin Officers (AO)

    Sussex ACF has two Administrative Officers (AO), Both are full time employees who work from County HQ and who have specific tasks to carry out in support of the ACF in Sussex. Most telephone calls and emails to Sussex ACF are picked up by one of the AO’s before being passed on to the relevant person within Sussex ACF. Permanent members of staff can be reached at HQ during normal working hours – although there is always someone on call. All county staff also attend a regular parade night at HQ on Mondays, but are also usually available at all other times for questions and queries.


    Role: Cadet Quartermaster (CQM)

    The Cadet Quartermaster (QM) – Captain David Wakelin is another full time member of staff, employed in support of the county. Responsible for maintaining and administering the County stores and equipment such as uniforms, weapons, ammunition, vehicles and buildings. His remit also includes booking camps, and facilities and ensuring that appropriate arrangements are made for food and accommodation for our cadets and adult staff. It is a huge responsibility and in support of his role, there are a number of Cadet Administrative Assistants (CAAs), who work for him.


    Role: Cadet Administrative Assistants (CAAs) and Cadet Stores Assistant (CSA)

    Sussex ACF has a number of CAAs as well as a CSA, all full time SERFCA employees who are responsible for ensuring that the ACF volunteers have the facilities and equipment they need, when they need it. Each of the CAAs has a specific tasking such as the management and issuing of stores, camp booking, vehicles and weapons in addition to their company role. Each Company has a dedicated CAA who works to ensure that uniforms are delivered to their cadets and that stores are available for training weekends. Some of our CAAs also have a role as adult volunteers and may also come along to our camps and help train the cadets. It’s a hugely busy role and vitally important to ensure that the cadets and adult staff have what they need when they need it.


    Role: County Training Officer (CTO) / Adult Training Officer

    Major Earley is another ACF volunteer with a wealth of Sussex ACF experience under her belt. As County Training Officer, she works for the Commandant, in setting the training programme for the coming year, and planning major events such as annual camp and our overseas visits. The CTO advises and directs the Company Training Officers, ensuring that paperwork is completed in time and to the correct specification. She also supports the adult selection and recruitment process and helps identify suitable candidates for commission. Her responsibilities includes Duke of Edinburghs award, Shooting, Adventurous Training, Sport, First Aid, KitKar and the overall ACF syllabus and in support of this she has a team of specialist officers responsible for these As the Adult Training Officer is specific responsibility for the selection and ongoing development of our adult staff. This role is responsible for the initial selection weekends, where potential adult instructors come along to see if the ACF is for them, and where a team of assessors identifies those who have the ability to become adult instructors in Sussex ACF. Once selected, the new adults enter a training cycle, delivered by the adult training team before completing the necessary tests to become full instructors in the ACF. Once qualified, the adult training officer monitors their progress, and approves applications to undertake specialist training such as shooting or obstacle course supervisor courses. Also responsible for governance, the adult training officer monitors the completion of mandatory annual testing and works to ensure that our staff are always current, competent and up to date. The Adult Training Team also work for the commandant in identifying suitable candidates for a commission with the ACF specific areas.


    Role: Padre

    Rev Butterworth has an important role as our spiritual and religious lead providing support to adults and cadets, working with anyone who may need help or advice – regardless of their religion or belief. During annual camp, the Padres shop ensures that our cadets have all the kit they need at the right price and he also provides a place of solace in the evenings – for a cup of hot chocolate and a chat in a peaceful environment – away from the bustle and noise of the cadet NAAFI. Many cadets seek out the Padre on camp as they know he has time to listen to their concerns – especially those who may be missing home or feeling overwhelmed by the experience of Annual Camp.


    Role: Medical Support Officer (MSO)

    Captain Wood is a qualified GP and a member of Sussex ACF. Her role is to advise the Commandant on matters of health, and to undertake initial medicals of new staff members. She also conducts pre-commissioning medical assessments as well as conduction ad-hoc assessments of adults who may require them. Captain Wood also looks at individual cadets circumstances where necessary, ensuring that the correct risk assessments have been carried out and any adjustments have been made for cadets who have medical issues which may impact training. During annual camp Captain Wood runs a medical centre, with the support of agency nurses and ensures that any health concerns or injuries are dealt with appropriately.


    Role: Public Relations Officer

    The county PRO runs the county website and our social media platforms such as Twitter, YouTube and Facebook. The PRO also produces the Sussex ACF magazine and maintains an up to date photograph library, as well as producing videos and podcasts of cadet activities. Another of the PROs roles is to advise our adults on PR matters such as press releases and detachment newsletters – and produces articles for the Army Cadet Magazine, Tigers in Touch and other publications. Where possible, they attend detachment and county events, ensuring that the widest possible audience is aware of our work and helps ensure that the Commandants objectives for adult and cadet recruitment are met.


    Role: Training Safety Adviser (TSA)

    Sussex ACFs TSA is Sergeant Major (WO2) Chris Maginnis. The TSA has specific responsibility for advising the Commandant in relation to training safety and as such he works closely with the volunteers to support them in providing good quality training to our cadets. The TSA reviews all training applications to ensure that the appropriate risk assessments are in place, and to help identify and resolve any possible safety concerns. Employed directly by brigade, the TSA is not in the ACF but is tasked with supporting Sussex ACF amongst other units in the South East region.