Our Cadet Training Centre was opened in 2006 by HRH Prince Edward and has been formally named, The Blessington Centre in memory of Col Chris Blessington OBE. Who was our previous Commandant 1993-1999.

The Blessington Centre comprises of three buildings and can accommodate up to 150 cadets and adult volunteers for weekend training. The facilities include separate buildings for male and female cadets & adult volunteers, adult and cadet dining rooms and kitchen facilities, lecture rooms, with projectors and changing/shower rooms. There is also a room where adults and cadets can relax, with a large TV.

The outside area provides leadership tasks and space for outside lessons in basic fieldcraft and navigation as well as a paintball range where cadets can practice fire control orders and observation.

Next to the centre, is Crowboroughs main camp where have access to the shooting ranges, obstacle course and sometimes their accommodation facilities when needed. A short drive away is Pippingford Park – the military training area which has watermanship areas and a variety of terrain suitable for all levels of training and sleeping out overnight.

The cadets of Sussex ACF spend most of their weekend training at the centre, and the senior cadets become very familiar with the route from the centre, to the training area. We are very proud of our centre which provides a comfortable and functional base for all kinds of ACF training, both of cadets and adults.