Shooting is a vitally important part of the ACF syllabus and often one of the reasons our cadets join in the first place.

It is a discipline which requires patience and skill, and everyone from the most basic, to the more senior cadets will be given the opportunity to take part in live firing on the range, throughout their cadet life.

Cadets can learn to shoot a variety of weapon systems, from an air rifle on a mobile range, to the 7.62 target rifle at the national inter-service cadet rifle competition at Bisley Ranges . Each weapon requires a different level of skill, but no cadet is allowed to use any of them without having first received the appropriate training and familiarisation. The safe handling rules are embedded in everything we teach and everything we do and it is important that our cadets show absolute respect for those rules at all times.

Some of our detachments are fortunate to have 25 metre indoor ranges, built into the complex. The use of these is strictly regulated, but for the cadets in those detachments it provides a welcome opportunity to practice their target shooting skills during a parade night or on specially arranged shooting days at weekends. Many of the camps we visit for weekend training have indoor and outdoor ranges, providing further opportunities to develop their shooting skills.

We are always looking for the next best shot and during annual camp, a variety of awards are presented to those cadets who impress on the ranges. Of course no training of cadets can take place without suitably qualified adult staff and it is important that our adults have the appropriate amount of practice and familiarisation on the weapons.