Our County First Aid Training Officer (CFATO) is Capt Shepherd she ensure that the training provided by our adults remains current and in line with the recommendations from St Johns Ambulance.

First Aid is a core subject within the Army Cadet Force syllabus and cadets learn first aid skills at all levels.

Starting with the basics, we teach everyone how to prolong life and ensure that a sick or injured person receives the medical care and attention needed for their recovery, while ensuring that the rescuer remains safe. The First Aid at Work course is provided to all of our adults and provides a sound foundation for their ongoing progression through the first aid syllabus.

Cadets start with the British Heart Foundations Course 'Heart Start' and as cadets progress through the ACF they develop those skills further, learning life saving techniques and obtaining recognised St Johns Ambulance youth and adult qualifications.

First aid is important to the ACF and cadets around the county have used their skills to save lives in real situations. All of our activities are overseen by a qualified adult first aider who attends further training courses to ensure that they are qualified and competent.