Army cadets take part in a huge variety of training which is delivered in a number of ways. You can find out more about these activities using the links on the left of the screen,

Weekly Parade Nights

Weekly parade nights are held at your local detachment and usually start at 7:00 pm or 7:30 pm. Parade nights deliver the core of the training and testing that you will need to complete to progress in the ACF.

Training Weekends

Company weekends take place several times a year and are often held at The Blessington Centre at Crowborough. Find out more about our centre here. These weekends give you the chance to meet cadets from your local area and to add to the training you received at your detachment, often providing opportunities for training that is not possible in the confines of your detachment location.

Annual Camp

The highlight of the year is the Annual Camp. Here, the whole of Sussex ACF gets together for 2 weeks away at an army base and training area in the UK. On camp cadets participate in a range of activities such as an overnight military style exercise, sleeping under shelters they build themselves, and a wide range of adventure training activities. There is often a day out and the opportunity to practice all the training you have been doing for the rest of the year.

Other Activities

Many other activities are available that will help you develop a range of skills that will help you through life. These include the Dukes of Edinburgh's Award; the possibility of gaining recognised qualifications through the Business and Technology Education Council (BTEC) scheme and participating in shooting, KitKar and Signals.

To find out more about the qualification that are available though CVQO Click Here