28 July 2018

As many people know the oceans are very polluted with plastics and other damaging debris, so yes you guessed it Surrey cadets to the rescue. After many discussions with the army and the local council Folkestone and Hythe, a new partnership has developed, and we can say this is due to Surrey ACF.
The area of Lydd has always had a close link to the army since 1888, and certain areas unfortunately get overlooked, and with pollution on the rise, a lot of this has been washed up along the shore. Items such as fishing nets and plastic bottles flow in and out with the sea life bearing the brunt. Members of the Cambrai company assembled throughout the day, between doing other adventure training and swept the beaches. Members of the Lydd range command as well as County Councillor Susan Carey and Community Safety officer Giles Barnard turned up to give safety briefs and support for the cadets. Over 70 cadets in 3 sections covered the beach removing the rubbish, every 10 mins they stopped to re hydrate and carry on, with a nice sea breeze. It also gained an audience many members of the public applauding their actions. This honourable event made a massive impact on the area and of course helped cadets towards a pass for their APC ‘Cadet in the Community’ and the contributed report for their Duke of Edinburgh Award.
So, we want to say a massive thank you to all the cadets for doing their bit for the environment.