Annual Camp 17 - Day 8 and 9

31 July 2017

Day 8 & 9 - what a busy two days, the Cadets are tired but still smiling.

One Star Cadets have gone into the field and the theme to their annual camp is Star Wars! Lets hope they beat Darth Vader! their briefing and models all use the theme to add fun to their exercise.

Two Stars are now on Expedition, it will qualify for their 2 star exped and if they are signed up it will be a practice run for DofE.

Three Stars are on their main Fieldcraft phase and wont be back in camp until Wednesday.

We often recognise adults achievements and gift those that have made a huge impact on other adults. As an ex RSM there's little he hasn't seen or done. Our Current RSM gave the Ex RSM a gift from the whole Sgts Mess.