Annual Camp 17 - Day 6

28 July 2017

Day 6, and we have just too much to tell you about!

Tthe 1 Stars were doing Signals, First Aid, Fieldcraft, Drill and Shooting and could be found all around camp.

The 2 Stars were coming to the final phase of their Field Exercise, they are all back now, very tired, but it sounds like they had a good few days and using the army kit was really worth while, although not many "survived" the final attack, with their sensors showing where they had been hit!

The 3 Stars were split in two groups some went shooting and the rest had a great First Aid Training Lesson provided by Tercel Medical Group, and finished off their day with Navigation!

Once back in Camp cadets were given the option to sign up for a BTEC qualification, more on that later. Phew how much can you pack into 24 hrs!