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  • Autumn JCIC success

    Autumn JCIC success

    12 September 2016

    Cadets from throughout Surrey came together to attend their Junior Cadet Instructor Cadre during the weekend of 9-11 September. This course teaches basic instructional techniques to enable the cadets to go back to their...

  • Woking cadets go to Arnhem

    Woking cadets go to Arnhem

    5 September 2016

    Four members from Woking detachment and two Adult Volunteers joined Hampshire & Isle of White on a pilgrimage to Arnhem this month to take part in an annual march of more than 40,000 armed forces members to...

  • Annual Camp Day 12

    Annual Camp Day 12

    4 August 2016

    Today started with Clean up, all weapons needed cleaning before their return to Surrey. At 11.30 our Annual Drill Competition started with all 3 companies competing and even our Australian friends taking part. Burma won...

  • Annual Camp Day 11

    Annual Camp Day 11

    3 August 2016

    Day 11 – Our last rotation of Adventurous training today, with all three companies completing what they had left, we had more Sea Kayaking, more Coasteering, more Mountain Biking, more Orienteering, more Rock...

  • Annual Camp Day 10

    Annual Camp Day 10

    2 August 2016

    Day 10 – and the last full day of training is finished. 2 Stars were shooting on the DCCT, Swimming and going over an obstacle course at Bovington. 1 Stars have finished their round robin of Shooting, First Aid...

  • Annual Camp Day 9

    Annual Camp Day 9

    2 August 2016

    Apologies this is posted late. 2 Stars finished their Expedition and were looking rather more wet than yesterday. The one stars that were in camp got an introduction to Cadet Force Music! Thanks to the National...

  • Annual Camp Day 8

    Annual Camp Day 8

    1 August 2016

    Day 8 Yesterday was a very busy day! 2 Stars set out for their expedition in the morning, they were walking the coastal path and then camping near Corfe Castle last night. They are qualifying for their Duke of Edinburgh...

  • Annual Camp Day 7

    Annual Camp Day 7

    30 July 2016

    Today was a lot about preparation for the next week. 1 Stars were completing Skill at Arms Lessons and Fieldcraft practice, with many passing tests today. 2 Stars are preparing for a Duke of Edinburgh Award Bronze...

  • Annual Camp Day 6

    Annual Camp Day 6

    29 July 2016

    Another day of Adventure Training and Fun! Burma Company went Sea Kayaking, Coasteering, Mountain Biking and Orienteering. Anzio Company climbed Portland Bill! And Cambrai Company went the Bovington! This evening...

  • Annual Camp Day 5

    Annual Camp Day 5

    28 July 2016

    VIP Visitor’s Day. The 2 & 3 Stars were out in the field today, with 2 Stars completing their Fieldcraft phase. The 1 Stars completed another day of round robin training with more First Aid led by SSI Watson,...


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