'Nobler imaginings and mightier struggles'

OPERATION NOBLE is an idea that emanated from a series of meetings between Surrey ACF and the Octavia Hill Society. After years of inactive relations between the ACF and the society, Surrey decided to lead and relaunch the ACFs relationship and of course, rebuild what in essence was its relationship with its founder. The concept of the operation is to enact what Octavia Hill set out to do, and that is to give the young people from less privileged backgrounds a more productive and positive future. Today we have a harsher environment and with the attractions of social media and phone and computer culture, it's very hard for young people to interact socially. On the negative sides of community living, many young people can face and be attracted to antisocial elements that can only lead to negativity and worse. Operation Noble gives a far greater opportunity to community groups and leaders to enable the ACF to present itself to its communities. With the support of local authorities and the Police, we will be working together to show and encourage not only to young people but adults to the benefits of being in the ACF. The Operation Noble mission also presents itself via public meetings and events with the support of people both in the entertainment industry, but also from the sports and sciences. The mission of Operation Noble is for the aims and objectives to remain ongoing and hope that what Octavia Hill originally set out to combat can also be replicated and have a positive impact on the UK's local communities.