Lt Col. Mike Potter

Welcome to Surrey Army Cadet Force's Microsite.

" I feel extremely privileged to be given the opportunity to lead Surrey ACF, being appointed as Commandant is the pinnacle of an ACF Officers career and I'm really looking forward to working with the excellent team of Instructors and Cadets to achieve our goals".
" I see my main objectives as enabling both cadets and adult instructors to gain the maximum enjoyment and benefit from the cadet experience and the opportunities it brings and to gain the maximum potential from these opportunities by recruiting increased numbers of cadets and the adult instructors required to train them.

"The second point is of particular importance. The ACF gives a unique opportunity to young people and provides excellent outcomes, (89% of parents say that their children gain greater confidence, 93% would recommend the ACF to other parents), so I want to give that opportunity to as many of the young people of Surrey as possible by recruiting new cadets for all our Detachments.
Of course like all youth organisations we are very short of the staff required, and so recruiting new instructors is a priority. A common misconception is that you have to have had previous uniform service, but in fact, we provide full training so anyone over 18 can apply. Over a third of ACF instructors say that the training they receive has either earned them promotion at work or helped them get a better job so our training regime benefits everyone, not just the cadets. Take a look at our website for details of joining as a cadet or an adult for more details".

Mike Potter, Lt Colonel, Surrey ACF Battalion PWRR