About Our County

Many young people are missing out on the challenges and adventures that could transform their lives. The Army Cadets can change that. We give young people fun, friendship, action and adventure. We inspire them to challenge their limits and go further in life, no matter what they aim to do.

Surrey (PWRR Bn) ACF is open to all young people aged 12 and in school year 8 or above, with 25 Detachments across the county that serve to continually develop over 500 Cadets supported by over 120 dedicated Cadet Force Adult Volunteers.

The whole County bears the Regimental Cap-badge of the Princess of Wales’s Royal Regiment. With Surrey being one of the only Cadet Forces to wear a single Regiments' cap-badge.

With locations all across Surrey, there has never been a better time to find out more about us.

Click on the pages below to find out more about what’s happening and where within Surrey (PWRR Bn) ACF.