Shooting in the Cadet Forces users 5 different types of weapons:

.177 Air Rifle

.22 No 8 Rifle

5.56mm L98 Rifle

7.62mm Target Rifle

12g O/U Shotgun

All Ranges are organised and run by qualified adult staff that attend and pass courses run by the regular army. There are strict rules and criteria that have to be adhered too.

All cadets have to pass weapon handling tests before being allowed to fire ANY weapon!

Shooting in the cadet force is part of the APC syllabus and has to be passed to gain the different star levels

National Competitions open to cadets

Commonwealth Postal Matches:

A .22 Prone Rifle Competition Match A and A1 Annex A

B .22 Prone Rifle Competition Match B and B1 Annex B

C 7.62mm Prone Rifle Competition Class A Annex C

D 7.62mm Prone Rifle Competition Class B Annex D

E The Earl Roberts 5.56mm Competition Annex E

F The 6 yard prone Air Rifle Competition Annex F

G The 10 yard 3 Position Air Rifle Competition Annex G

CCRS Country Life (Green Howards) Small-bore .22 Rifle Competition

The ACF Cadet 100 .22 Rifle Competition (Postal)

The News of the World .22 Match Rifle Competition

The Walter Kirke Trophy .22 Competition.