Who's Who

Meet the County Headquarters Staff

  • Col S Donegan

    Role: Commandant

    Simon Donegan is a former Irish Guards Officer who served 12 years in the Regular Army before being medically discharged in 1990. He saw service in the UK undertaking Public Duties at Buckingham Palace, The Tower of London and Windsor Castle. He also saw service in Germany, Ghana, Belize, Canada and finally the Sultanate of Oman. His final appointment was OC B Company, commanding 240 soldiers of the Frontier Force on border operations in the Dhofar. Since leaving the Armed Forces, Simon has been a General Manager four times and spent five years as the CEO of a 600 employee Plc. He currently works 3 days a week for an investment company in London and 2 days a week as the Contingent Commander of a four school CCF unit.

  • Lt Col A Lester

    Role: Deputy Commandant (North)

  • Lt Col Benson

    Role: Deputy Commandant (South)

  • Col M Frewer

    Role: Honorary Colonel

  • Lt Col D Reeve

    Role: CEO

  • Capt D Donnelly

    Role: Quartermaster

  • Major A Dunn

    Role: County Training Officer

  • Lt K Haynes

    Role: Assistant County Training Officer

  • SMI T Gresswell

    Role: County Training Sergeant Major

  • Maj CJ Pickin

    Role: County MSO

  • Maj AJ Price

    Role: County First Aid Trg Officer

  • LT P Cork

    Role: County Public Relations Officer

  • 2Lt J Whitehurst

    Role: County recruitment officer

  • RSMI T Taylor

    Role: RSMI

  • WO2 S Cunningham

    Role: Training Safety Advisor (TSA)

  • Maj B Whitmore

    Role: Padre

  • Maj S Powell

    Role: Padre

  • Ms LM Chatfield

    Role: Admin Officer

  • Mrs DJ Edwards

    Role: Admin Officer

  • Miss A Dollery

    Role: Admin Officer

  • SMI W Dugmore

    Role: MTO

  • SMI G Hedges

    Role: County Stores CSA/RQMS

  • Capt P Cook

    Role: A Company CAA

  • SMI G Pulizzi

    Role: B Company CAA

  • Capt K Frith

    Role: C Company CAA

  • SMI M Hughes

    Role: D Company CAA