Here you will find information regarding the recruitment process for Adults and Cadets.

Cadet Recruitment

Firstly, you will visit your nearest detachment where you will be welcomed and shown around the detachment.

At that point, if you decide you like it, you will be invited to come to the detachment on the nights it's open.

After a few weeks, your parents/guardian will be asked to fill in a form with personal details to ensure when you go away on camp we can contact them if needed. There will also be some sizes we will ask for so we can be a uniform that fits you.

You can have to wait a few weeks for uniform as we enter your details on the system. The only part you will need to buy at this point are boots, an adult instructor can help you with the right boots and the best place to buy them if you don't know

Once you have your uniform, you can goon camp and start your cadet adventure!

Adult Recruitment

  • Lt Col Benson

    Role: Deputy Commandant (South) Head of adult training

Being an adult in the ACF can be very rewarding, but before you can instructor the cadets there is a joining procedure. This procedure is the same nationally, it ensures safeguarding policies are adhered to.

If you are interested you can ring our County HQ at 01785257804 or sign your interest through the national site. You will be sent a few forms and then asked to go to your nearest Company HQ where there will be an interview.

This is not like a job interview, with us being a volunteer organisation, it is more to make you aware of what we do. It also lets you ask any questions that you have.

If you still want to carry on you will be given the forms to fill in, this will include a DBS check. Once we get all the paperwork sorted you will be asked to attend a selection weekend.

If you are successful, you will be asked on further weekends of adult training as well as given uniform. Weekends consist of safeguarding training, Westminster training, weapons training first aid qualifications and instructional techniques. You may also be asked to attend a detachment and Company weekends, where you will meet the cadets and other adult volunteers.

Once you have completed all the weekends and the commandant believes you will be invited on our Advanced Induction Course. This is a week away with other instructors from across the region. When you have passed this course you will receive the rank of Sergeant.

At that point, you are a qualified Cadet Force Adult Volunteer.

We do provide continuous professional development, this could be training within the county by the subject matter experts, having external companies come in or going down to our Cadet Training Centre at Frimley Park. Frimley Course can provide you with a CVQO qualification too!

We know this may seem like a long process but it ensures we have the best possible instructors for the cadets we instruct. But there will always someone to ask if you need help.