Information for Parents

The first steps for your child in joining Staffordshire and West Midlands (NS) ACF

If your child is over 12 (and in year eight at school) and under 18, you can join the Army Cadet Force.

For action and adventure, fun and friendship, the Army Cadet Force is hard to beat. With 41,000 cadets (aged 12-18) and 9,500 adults in over 1,600 locations in every corner of the United Kingdom, the ACF is one of the country’s largest voluntary youth organisations. It is also one of the oldest tracing its history back to 1859.

We are fully aware that for some children this may be a daunting proposition. However, we will make the process of integration easier by gently easing them into their local detachments by allowing them to watch what we do and providing them with the opportunities to ask as many questions as they like.

Many young people are missing out on the challenges and adventures that could transform their lives but joining the Army Cadets can change that. We welcome boys and girls of all abilities irrespective of race, religion, gender or background. When they join us we encourage them to learn more, do more and try more. We inspire them to aim high and pursue their goals, no matter what they aim to do in life.

The ACF gives children of all ages a sense of structure, self-discipline and above all else a real boost in confidence – something we see all the time. Staffordshire and West Midlands (NS) ACF is particularly fortunate in that it has a charity in support of its cadets and the many activities it undertakes called the Friends of Staffordshire and West Midlands (NS) ACF - Staffsacffriends

The Patron of the Trust is the Lord Lieutenant of Staffordshire Mr Ian Dudson CBE, KSTJ and its President is the Vice Lord Lieutenant Mr Graham Stowe CBE, DL. The trust provides funding for a wide variety of items including AT equipment and small educational bursaries.

Some of our activities have a military theme, others have more of a community focus but they all inspire young people to challenge their limits, become more independent, confident and able to step up to any challenge.

Although the ACF are sponsored by the Ministry of Defence there is NO obligation on cadets to join the Armed Forces and we are NOT a recruitment tool for the Armed Forces. However, if a cadet wishes to join the Armed Forces then we will assist them with their ambitions.

How to get in contact with your local detachment

The first step is to locate your nearest detachment; the easiest way to do this is to go to Our location map. From here you will be able to identify your nearest detachment along with the full postal address including postcode. If you would like further information beforehand please contact our County Headquarters between 8am and 4pm Monday to Thursday on 01785 257804.

Alternatively if you are aware of the location of your local detachment go to Our location map check the parade time of the detachment and then feel free to come by and have a chat with our friendly volunteers in regards to your child’s enrolment.