Minibus Courses over the period 24 Jul – 18 Aug 2017

17 March 2017

Mini Bus Driving Licence.


Bde HQ are planning to run Minibus Courses over the period 24 Jul – 18 Aug 2017, we have got to supply Bde HQ with names of personnel who will be able to attend the courses by COP 24 Mar.


To obtain a Minibus Licence the following application process needs to be followed:

1. Personnel who wish to apply for a Minibus course must first either already have a Provisional D1 or obtain a Provisional D1, licence category.

2. To apply for a Provisional D1 Licence category to be added to your current Full Driving licence you must be over 21 years of age, have held your licence for at least 2 years and carry out the following procedures:

a. Obtain Forms D2 (Application for a Provisional category) and D4 (Medical form) from your local Post Office.

b. Arrange to have a medical with your doctor, who will complete form D4. There will be a cost for the medical, which may vary dependant on your local practice.

c. Send both parts of your Category B Driving licence and the completed D2 and D4 forms to DVLA. There will be a cost for the application.

3. Once you have the Provisional D1 Licence category on your licence, the next step is to get a copy of the DVLA PCV Theory Test. You then have the option to apply for a Theory Test at your local DVLA Theory test centre or apply for a free test through
the Military at Bde HQ, Donnington, Telford. To apply for a Theory test through Bde HQ you must have successfully passed the Theory Test 3 times, copies of which need to be forwarded to the M.T. Office at County HQ. County HQ will then apply for a Theory Test at Bde HQ, you must have the flexibility to attend at the time and date specified by Bde HQ and also the means to get there and back.

4. If you successfully pass the PCV Theory Test, the County HQ will then apply for a Minibus Driving course for you. The course is 1 week (Mon-Fri) in duration and so you must be able to get a week off work (if applicable). There are a very limited
number of courses available and there is no guarantee that you will get on a course.

5. The cost of the Licence application (including Medical) and Theory Test can be reimbursed by County HQ (receipts will be required).

PLEASE go through your Company Headquarters first.