A welcome message from our Commandant

Welcome from our Commandant

10 September 2019

It is an enormous privilege to have been appointed Commandant of this diverse County that undertakes so many excellent activities for its 900 cadets by a team of dedicated professional volunteers who are cheerful and enthusiastic in all that they do.

I am acutely aware that parents rely on us to look after their children consistently to a very high standard and I place safety as a priority above all else. It is absolutely crucial that the ACF environment for children is safe, approachable, friendly, supportive, professional and above all else fun. I want all cadets to really enjoy their time with the ACF, where they can look back in years to come and see it as a truly positive and supportive experience. I welcome children from ALL backgrounds, irrespective of race, religion, gender, gender identity or ability.

Correspondingly, I would like all Adult/CFAV staff to really want to spend as much time with the ACF as they feel is suitable for them. I would like the County to be a place of professional enjoyment and for the adults to take pride in what they do and it must be an environment in which they flourish and where it positively benefits their mainstream careers. I also want the County to welcome all adults, irrespective of ability, background or experience and for it to be a vibrant and a hugely positive place for them to come and give up some of their free time. This will be at the heart of my tenure as Commandant.

A warm welcome to everyone !

Simon Donegan is a former Irish Guards Officer who served 12 years in the Regular Army before being medically discharged in 1990. He saw service in the UK undertaking Public Duties at Buckingham Palace, The Tower of London and Windsor Castle. He also saw service in Germany, Ghana, Belize, Canada and finally the Sultanate of Oman. His final appointment was OC B Company, commanding 240 soldiers of the Frontier Force on border operations in the Dhofar. Since leaving the Armed Forces, Simon has been a General Manager four times and spent five years as the CEO of a 600 employee Plc. He currently works 3 days a week for an investment company in London and 2 days a week as the Contingent Commander of a four school CCF unit.