HQSW GP CADSAAM, Yoxter. 14-15 September 2019.

The Ups and Downs of Shooting - GP Rifle Cadet Skill At Arms Meeting

15 September 2019

Words & pictures by WO2 (SMI) Peter Russell/County PR Officer.

Held in near perfect late summer weather the HQ South West GP Cadet Skill At Arms Meeting (CADSAAM) at Yoxter demonstrated just how much could change over the course of a year.

The key elements of having the right cadets in the right place at the right time sadly didn’t come together this year for Somerset after a couple of years sitting right at the top of the shooting pedestal. Not that Somerset disgraced themselves by any means, but this year everybody was trounced by Cornwall ACF who won every class!

Overseen by 2Lt Charles Aslett and SI Charlie Stokes, Cpl Bethany Farr, LCpl Elizabeth Pye, LCpl Xaus Leech-Luxton and Cdt Oliver George shot extremely well with the L98A2 Cadet GP Rifle but were unable, as were all the other counties - Devon, Gloucestershire and Wiltshire - to make a dent in the scoring by Cornwall’s three teams, to whom we must offer our heartiest congratulations. Overall, Somerset’s sixth place with just four shooters was not far from the top scorers, bearing in mind that Cornwall fielded three teams whilst Devon and Wiltshire each fielded two.

The teams were visited by Col Andrew Dawes, Commander South West, Col Ashley Fulford, Colonel Cadets SW and Maj Nathan Marshall, Dep Col Cadets SW. At the prize giving Col Fulford presented the Cornwall-heavy prizes and promised that with further training all the other counties would be in with a shout for the forthcoming season - something that Somerset are pretty sure will turn the tide back in our favour again.

Photos from Sat 14 September and Sun 15 September.