Bath Dragon Boat Race. 08 Sep 2019.

Dragons and cadets breathe fire for charity

9 September 2019

Words & pictures by SSI Tony James/Normandy Company PR Representative

Cadets and adults from Bath and Beechen Cliff Platoons, Normandy Company, turned out on Sunday to do their vital bit for cadet and the Community, supporting the Bath Dragon Boat Race.

Cadets helped set up the event area and signage on the Victoria Bridge before going on to collect money for two charities, Designability (a national charity transforming the lives of disabled people and those living with a long term health condition incorporating Wizzy Bugs, an innovative powered wheel chair for children under five) and The Mountain Way (helping veterans with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder - PTSD) throughout the rest of the day. Lt Chris Skelton, SMI Phil Coward and SI Jamie Dix, along with 12 enthusiastic cadets, also spent time talking to the public, who were impressed with their attitude and enthusiasm.