Former Adult Volunteers

Somerset Army Cadets acknowledges the valuable contribution made by former adult instructors

Whilst we are frequently kept abreast of the activities and successes of former cadets we don’t seem to have accorded former instructor’s achievements the same status. As instructors are, and have always been the key element in polishing and honing cadets for their future careers, it seems a shame that their efforts have been overlooked.

Prior to 1980 there were no female cadets or female adult instructors so wives, as they are often today, were also key members of the unseen and unsung supporting cast.

Here we honour and acknowledge their contribution, stretching back many years in some cases. That there are no recent instructors in the group seems surprising and hopefully we will be able to rectify that. If recent leavers can drop the PR Officer an email and indicate whether they would be interested in joining the association we would love to hear from them. Those former instructors from more than a few years ago should contact Roger Evans.

Similarly, old photographs, notes, training aids and documentation as well as tales of derring do in the age before H&S took hold would be most welcome. A Facebook closed group has been created for you which can be found here. You will be expected to answer the questions asked by the administrators before being allowed to join.