Skill at Arms (SAA)

Safe weapon handling is at the core of Somerset’s ethos

Skill At Arms (SAA) is another core subject that will teach you self-discipline as you learn how to handle weapons in a safe and responsible manner. You will start a basic level using air-rifles and progress to become an expert in the operation and safe handling of the L98A2 Cadet GP Rifle 5.56mm.

All handling and use of weapons or ammunition in the Army Cadets is directly supervised by adult instructors who have received in-depth training from the Regular Army.

We use a variety of weapons as part of this training where you will learn a number of disciplines, including target shooting, rifle drill, shooting on rifle ranges, shooting clay targets and the practical use and care of rifles whilst on fieldcraft exercises.

All aspects of safety both to yourself and others will be taught first before you are allowed to handle a weapon. You will also have to pass a weapons handling test which shows that you have the skills and knowledge to safely handle a weapon.