12 bore shotgun - clay target shooting in Somerset

The 12-bore shot gun, either an 'over and under' or a 'side by side', is a brilliant addition to enhance the shooting skills of cadets and adult volunteers alike.

Used primarily as an Adventurous Training (AT) asset, rather than an APC Syllabus weapon, the shotgun allows shooters to learn safety, discipline and self-control in a friendly and often very competitive environment. Typically Somerset has many farmers and rough shooters amongst its population, so many cadets are already skilled shooters before they even arrive in Army Cadets. It is also a discipline that allows shooters of all ages and sexes to compete on an even playing field.

Judging the speed, angle, height and range of moving clay targets can be a difficult operation to pick up. Just like learning to ride a bicycle, you can practise and practise without hitting anything until, suddenly one day everything comes together perfectly and clays keep dropping, making you forget how it was that you just couldn't hit a thing only a day before!